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Slushies with maximum taste & colour

Delicious slushie syrup mixes and cutting-edge slush machines for the retail and hospitality industries. Give your customers a fruit-filled taste bud rush!

About Drinko

We love the fun and refreshing lift you get from a tasty slushie packed with fruity flavour! Our 100% employee-owned team with its outstanding and affordable products and service, will help you share that enjoyment with your customers.

Marvellous Machines

Award-winning slush machines you can count on. Great looking, top-performing, high-tech, and affordable with a lifetime of up to 15 years. Backed by lengthy warranty and our excellent machine maintenance service to keep the fun flavours flowing.​

Fab Flavours

Super-sweet and tasty slush syrup mixes designed the Drinko way — for maximum taste and colour! Made with natural sugars and colouring from real fruit, all syrups are gluten-free and vegan friendly. What flavour will you try?